The best thing to do with fallen leaves is to mulch them with a lawn mower if your lawn consists of entirely of unvariegated turf grass (which it should not, given that turf grass requires immense amounts of water and poison to maintain ). Our yard is a mixture of grasses and clovers and wildflowers, so we can safely let our leaves lie. If a high wind carries them away, it’s hard not to wail, “ Wait! I was saving those! ” And the leaves that fall across every inch of this wild half acre of suburbia are so much prettier than any unnaturally green lawn beaten into submission by stench-spewing machinery. All those golden sugar maple leaves hold onto the light, and for weeks it looks as though our whole yard is on fire, even in the rain. Who could be troubled by a blanket made of light? A blanket keeping all the little creatures safe from the cold? The Times is committed to publishing a diversity of letters to the editor.


Fort Smith brothers Kevin (L) and Alan Dickinson (R) are set to open a D-BAT Baseball & Softball Academies at 4900 Regions Park Drive in early 2022. There will also be a pro shop offering merchandise including bats, balls, gloves, shirts and jackets. The groundbreaking for the nearly 12,000 square foot facility was Oct. 9.  "There's nothing in websites our area that offers what D-Bat offers," Dickinson this hyperlink said. Dickinson, who has three kids of his own involved in sports and who has coached for years, saw the need for a place for athletes to train when it is cold or the weather is bad. He also mentioned the lack of places in town that have indoor pitching machines. The new facility will allow athletes to come in and train or practice year-round. "It's always been a dream of mine, I've been trying to do this for a long time," Dickinson said. The facility will likely need to fill two full-time positions and numerous part-time positions, as well as up to six instructors. Dickinson emphasized the importance of everyone knowing the facility will be open to them, no matter what sport they play or team they are on.


If elected, Letitia James could become the first Black woman to be elected governor in the nation. James’s plans. “This is the beginning of understanding the differences in the candidates.” Mike Duggan wins a third term as Detroit’s mayor. The exact timing of Ms. James’s announcement appeared to still be up in the air on Wednesday. If she does not announce before the end of the week, her plans could collide with two major events on New York’s political calendar next week: New York City’s mayoral election and the annual conclave of the state’s Democrats in Puerto Rico. One Democrat familiar with the attorney general’s thinking and deliberations said that Ms. James, who has considered the decision exhaustively, could still reverse course and either announce an exploratory committee for governor or that she will seek another term as attorney general rather than pursuing the top post. A late change of plans is not unprecedented in New York politics: Gov. Mario M. Cuomo famously abandoned airplanes waiting on the tarmac to whisk him to New Hampshire when he decided not to run for president in 1991. So far this year, Jumaane D.